Important information for our tenants regarding COVID-19 read more here


Samson Corporation COVID-19 Updates

Updated 26 November 2021

To keep tenants and staff safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we follow Ministry of Health Guidelines. For the most up to date information on alert levels visit

Multi tenanted building guidelines - Keeping each other safe:

  • Please be mindful of making space, and keeping a 1 metre distance from others. You may find that taking the stairs rather than the lift will allow for better distancing and increased ventilation
  • Face masks are recommended whenever you leave the house. Please wear a face mask when in common areas such as lifts and corridors. 
  • Adequate fresh air flow helps prevent the spread of covid. We’ve worked with contractors and consultants to review our building settings to minimise risk. In your tenancies we recommend opening windows on opposite sides where possible to promote fresh air flow across the space.
  • In our buildings with car stackers, you may find that waiting in the main garage (i.e. just outside the stacker wait rooms) will allow for better distancing between others and increased ventilation. In Geyser building this is the area of garage floor marked with red paint. As always please continue to be mindful of cars.

Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing posters have been installed in multi-tenanted buildings in common areas such as lifts, carparks and corridors. Please remember to scan in every time. If you find that a QR poster is missing or damaged – please let one of the Samson team know and we can get a replacement up.

In the event that there is a positive COVID-19 case from someone that has been entering the building we will need to participate in contact tracing, therefore, we ask that each tenancy keep a record of who has entered the building during all alert levels. Please contact Samson if someone from your business returns a positive test or if they are the close contact of a positive test so we can let others know.

Building Security and Access:

Multi-tenanted buildings have returned to normal weekday security settings. The car stackers at Geyser and Iron Bank are operational.

Cleaning and Waste:

Deep cleans and sanitisations of common areas in multi-tenanted buildings are continuing, with high contact areas prioritised. Waste collections will continue as normal.

Government Support for Businesses:

COVID-19 is having an impact on New Zealand businesses, if you are experiencing a downturn directly related to COVID-19 we suggest you apply for government support – please read the government offer and application forms here.

MBIE also has specific information for all business types which can be found here.