Energy Use Management

The following is a list of design features which limit Geyser’s power consumption meaning it operates using on average 25% of the energy of a standard commercial building.

Energy Meters

These are being upgraded in 2019 so we can collect building energy data use and achieve a NABERS NZ energy rating for the Geyser building, by measuring 24/7 the building's energy use we can fine tune operation to make sure it is operating as efficiently as possible. 

Solar Panels

Central roof-mounted solar panels have been provided for heating hot water to the tenancies to minimise electrical consumption. In Decemener of 2020 solar panels were installed for common area electricirty use. 

Car Park Lighting

All car park luminaires are controlled via a series of movement sensors which will turn the lights on/off if personnel movement or vehicular movement is detected/not detected during normal hours. 

Tenancy Lighting

The tenancy lighting is provided by the Landlord as part of the base building via an integrated system of recessed channels.  The tenancy lighting is switched in small groups via a central switch panel to enable users to switch off lighting not required.   Tenancy toilet lighting is switched via a movement sensor.

External Lighting

External lighting is on photocell and time clock control with manual over ride switches.  The lighting is designed to operate around normal business hours after dusk.

Power Reticulation

The power supply to the building is provided by a dedicated site transformer located at Basement Level 1 and a dedicated mains switchboard adjacent the transformer. An onsite standby diesel generator provides back up power supply to the car stacker and base building life safety services.

Dedicated tenancy power supplies are provided to each tenancy via a power retailer metered sub-main from the building’s main switchboard. Each tenancy is provided with a dedicated tenancy distribution board with power supplies provided for general power and for any required specific tenancy installation (heating A/C, kitchen extract).

Please do conserve energy by:

Do let Samson know if you identify any sensor lighting issues

Do let Samson know if there are any unusual energy spikes

Do turn off lights within your tenancy that aren’t required

Do instruct colleagues to turn off computers at the end of the day

Consider using a carbon certified energy supplier like Ecotricity.

Last modified: 30 Nov, 2020