Water and Wastewater Management

The design of Ironbank results in a predicted 66% reduction in metered water consumption when compared to standard commercial buildings. Potable water is supplied via the street mains however non-potable water is provided by rainwater collection tanks. Collected rainwater is used for non-drinking fixtures, such as toilet cisterns, irrigation connection points and any nominated hose taps around the facility.

Building design that conserves water

Use of water efficient sanitary fixtures to w.c’s, basins and showers (4 Star WELS rated).

Main potable and non-potable water supplies and individual tenant hot and cold water supplies are metered to assist the landlord and tenant in meeting agreed benchmark targets.

All water supplies are monitored for leaks to minimise wastage.

Please do conserve water by:

Consider water conservation by limiting your shower time

Ensure all taps are completely turned off when not in use

Report any leaking taps or toilet fixtures to Samson

Use the toilet half flush as appropriate

Fully load dishwashers before use and operate on economy cycles where appropriate

Use half load cycles for small dishwashing loads

Do let Samson know if you have any spikes in your water bill or metering

Last modified: 04 Mar, 2019