About Us

Our buildings reflect our company – quality, individually designed, supported by a rock solid foundation.

We appreciate and encourage modern, sustainable and innovative architecture and interior design that will stand the test of time, creating buildings that enhance Auckland’s skyline and become landmarks within the city.

Supporting our investment in these buildings, we ensure they retain a reputation of the highest standard. This means going the extra mile in maintaining building exteriors; keeping the landscaping and surrounds to an impeccable standard, and most importantly making those first impressions count with entrance ways that positively reflect your business.

Location, Location, Location

A cliché that has never been more appropriate than in today’s business climate. At Samson we value the most sought- after locations in Auckland because we know the financial impact this will have for our clients’ businesses. When you’re assessing a property to lease, we know you'll be taking into consideration the effect this will have on your business growth and accessibility.

Cost effective leasing

All Samson Corporation buildings are known to have very competitive market rates and have been specifically designed to keep operating costs as low as possible – so there are no surprises.

Meeting all requirements

Our large property leasing portfolio includes commercial office buildings, retail strips and industrial properties with a wide range of tenants.

We work closely with prospective clients to define the property that best meets their individual requirements.