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Samson provides Auckland businesses with a place from which to operate and contribute to the growth and economic development of our city.

We acknowledge our civic responsibility so our buildings are designed to enhance neighbourhoods, improve occupant well-being and productivity, and reduce impact on the environment.

Since 2009 any new Samson development has adopted sustainable designs and when rated these have achieved a minimum 5 Green Star rating with the New Zealand Green Building Council. Our informal strategy has allowed us to raise the bar of sustainable property ownership standards in New Zealand. However as the greater portion of our portfolio are older buildings, we have the challenge of protecting city heritage whilst upgrading these buildings to meet modern environmental operating standards.

We recognise that our property portfolio and the businesses that operate within them have an impact on the environment. Therefore we are undergoing an assessment of our portfolio with the view to reducing the environmental impact, by embedding sustainability practises into daily operations.

We are using government certified tools, NABERS NZ and carboNZero, to assess, benchmark and improve our property portfolio's performance whilst minimising environmental impacts. The focus of our carbon reduction programme is on Samson assets, yet many of the policies and procedures engage our tenants and contractors in the sustainability process.


Our sustainability strategy is made up of four key drivers:

InnovationStrategically focusing on sustainability drives innovation and growth, as a consequence we continually deliver New Zealand's most innovative commercial developments.

Tenant EngagementDelivering healthier, more productive occupant experience and ensuring that Samson is the first choice for occupiers that seek environmentally sustainable tenancies. Operating from a sustainably recognised building is also a unique selling point for many of our tenants.

EfficiencyActively manage and retrofit buildings to operate at their optimum level of efficiency making them competitive and cost effective to operate from.

ResponsibilityBeing sustainable is the best thing for our tenants, but the right thing for future generations.


  • Minimum 5 Green Star for new developments rated
  • Minimum 4 NABERS NZ rating for those buildings assessed
  • Minimum 5 Green Star Performance rating for those assessed
  • 80% reduction of waste going to landfill (against 2018 base year)
  • Minimum 80% construction waste recycled
  • Achieve and maintain Carbon Zero status

    By publically providing this strategy we are committing to a code of practice that contributes to a successful, thriving Auckland and a sustainable future.

Target Achievements



Minimum 5 Green Star for new developments rated


The Ironbank Building, 150 Karangahape Rd
— 5 Star As-Built Green Star Rating

The Geyser Building, 100 Parnell Rd
— 6 Green Star Design rating


The Geyser Building, 100 Parnell Rd
— 6 Green Star NZ Office Built V1 Certified rating

Minimum 4 NABERS NZ rating for those buildings assessed.


Gillies Ave Office Park, 27 Gillies Ave
— 5.5 Star NABERS NZ Rating

The Ironbank Building, 150 Karangahape Rd
— 5 Star NABERS NZ Rating

The Geyser Building, 100 Parnell Rd
— 5 Star NABERS NZ Rating

80% reduction of waste going to landfill.


Samson achieved a 72% reduction of waste going to landfill across our measured portfolio since our 2018 baseline. 

Minimum 80% construction waste recycled.


Samson achieved an average of 77% recycling of construction waste.

Certified Net Carbon Zero


Certified Toitu Carbon Net Zero for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. 


Steps towards sustainability

We spend more awake hours at work than we do at home, so workplace decisions and actions have a big impact. We're committed to helping tenants operate sustainably and minimise environmental impact.

We provide tenants with detailed information & handbooks before moving in to help make sustainability even easier, and we encourage tenants to nominate an Environment Champion to lead action.

Taking sustainable action in the workplace doesn't have to be daunting. Simply choose priorities, and commit to action.


Get inspired to act with these top tips:

  • Separate waste
  • Communicate
  • Go renewable
  • Save power, save $$$
  • Sustainable fitouts
  • Choose green
  • Share space
  • Ditch the car

Sustainable in Partnership

When we act together, we can increase our impact exponentially. Here are some conscious companies and suppliers to consider:


Green Gorilla
offer waste collection, management and recycling. They help us meet our target of 80% recycling of construction waste and offer commercial compost collection bins through

Perfect for cafes and restaurants. WeCompost even email you each week the volume you have diverted from landfill.


Hire an office e-bike from Boltra or Big Street Bikers.

Choose Green Cabs and your fee also contributes to tree-planting and other green initiatives.

Support Auckland Transport because we all benefit from better public transport.

Even better still, walk!

Office supplies & Services

Products are well known for using more natural and less harmful ingredients, plus their plastics are plant based and recyclable.

SmartAss and Green Cane are New Zealand businesses that produce sustainable toilet paper and paper products.

CMOSWestferry Property Services and The ECO PRO Cleaning Co are commercial cleaners who commit to using less harmful chemicals, less materials and preparing their staff for a life beyond cleaning.

Moving & Refurbs

Leaf Box avoid excessive waste by providing purpose made carry containers

The Moving Company partners with Reclaim for recycling

Crown offset their carbon footprint.

All Heart NZ and Habitat for Humanity are just two of the charitable organisations you can donate unwanted furniture and supplies to if refurbing or moving, instead of throwing away.

Our Environmental Footprint