Energy Use Management

The following list of energy efficient features have either been installed or a scheduled to be installed in a 5 year plan for the building.

Car Park Lighting

All car park luminaires are upgraded to LEDs and controlled via a series of movement sensors which will turn the lights on/off if personnel movement or vehicular movement is detected/not detected during normal hours.

Tenancy Lighting

All common area lighting is upgraded to LEDs and movement sensors where appropriate. Tenants are responsible for installing their own tenancy lighting to suit their fitout, we recommend investing in efficient lighting options and grouping lighting with separate switches to enable users to switch off lighting that is not required.

External Lighting

External lighting is on a time clock control with manual override switches. The lighting is designed to operate around normal business hours after dusk.

Solar Panels

This is an ongoing investigation for Samson and tenants are welcome to ask questions about the installtion of solar to provide energy for the common power and therefore minimise electrical Opex costs.

Power Supply

Dedicated tenancy power supplies are provided to each tenancy via a power retailer metered sub-main from the building’s main switchboard.

  • Do let Samson know if you identify any sensor lighting issues
  • Do let Samson know if there are any unusual energy spikes
  • Do turn off lights within your tenancy that aren’t required
  • Do instruct colleagues to turn off computers at the end of the day
  • Consider using a carbon certified energy supplier like Ecotricity.

Last modified: 23 Aug, 2019