Energy Use Management

All Samson multi-tenanted buildings over 1000sqm are scheduled to be rated using the NABERS NZ Energy rating over the next 5 years, this tool enables us to benchmark the buildings’ energy usage and fine tune their operation in order to make them as efficient as possible.

These buildings are also on a schedule to be retrofitted so they can include as many of the following features to enhance energy efficiency.

Car Park Lighting

Car park luminaires are fitted with LEDs and controlled via a series of movement sensors which will turn the lights on/off if personnel movement or vehicular movement is detected/not detected during normal hours. Please report to Samson if you notice that sensors are not working. 

Tenancy Lighting

Common area lighting are fitted with efficient LEDs and movement sensors where appropriate. Tenants are responsible for installing their own tenancy lighting to suit their fitout, we recommend investing in efficient lighting options and grouping lighting with separate switches to enable users to switch off lighting that is not required. Contact Samson if you want a recommendation for a 

External Lighting

External lighting is on a time clock control with manual over ride switches. The lighting is designed to operate around normal business hours after dusk. Let Samson know if you think the timer is set incorrectly.

Check meters (building specific) 

Base building and tenancy electricity is tracked using check meters, this information informs us of ways to make the building more efficient and also improves our NABERS NZ rating. Tenants can be provided with data on their energy use with suggestions on how to increase efficiencies.

Solar Panels (building specific) 

Central roof-mounted solar panels for heating hot water or to the tenancies or to minimise electrical consumption.

Power Supply

Dedicated tenancy power supplies are provided to each tenancy via a power retailer metered sub-main from the building’s main switchboard.

  • Do let Samson know if you identify any sensor lighting issues
  • Do let Samson know if there are any unusual energy spikes
  • Do turn off lights within your tenancy that aren’t required
  • Do instruct colleagues to turn off computers at the end of the day
  • Consider using a carbon certified energy supplier like Ecotricity.

Last modified: 25 Jun, 2019