Waste Management

A significant portion of a building’s carbon footprint is created by tenant waste so waste management is a priority at Samson. The Environment Champion is responsible for educating colleagues and cleaners on waste processes, a good place to start is by considering the 5 Rs in your work places operation.

To reduce what you send to landfill even further, look at the tips in the Samson Operational Sustainability guidelines.

Auckland Council Waste Collection


  • The majority of your weekly waste should be going to Mixed Recycling, plastic bottles and containers, glass jars and bottles, aluminum cans, milk cartons, egg cartons, paper and cardboard recycling, newspapers, magazines and envelopes.
  • General Waste Collection is for plastic bags, food waste, polystyrene, batteries, cookware, Pyrex and drinking glasses.

Interested in having a worm bin onsite for composting? Contact Samson to find out more.