Alternative Transport

Public Transport

Geyser is very well connected to public transport with the Parnell Train Station only a short 5 minute walk away from Geyser, 11A Cheshire St, Parnell, and Buses are available from several bus stops within a 10 minute walk radius of the building. Plan your own journey on the Auckland Transport website.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Policy

If you wish to charge your electric vehicle at work this is only permitted by following our internal process. Charging of electric cars has to be safe, the demand on the building energy supply has to be managed, and it has to be fair. In Geyser you also have to have a basement level park in order to charge. 

Tenants are required to:

  1. Seek approval to charge their EV onsite from Samson Corp.
  2. Pay to install a smart charger that is certified safe, manages building energy load and creates monthly bills for energy use. We have permitted the installation of the wallbox charger which is supplied by TransNet e-mobility.
  3. Service their charger once a year and keep a certification record and provide upon request.
  4. Only use electric vehicle charging adaptors supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or by an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer.
  5. Make good the removal of charger when tenancy ends.  

Cycling to Work

End of trip facilities are located in the basement, your access card will provide access to a bike shed and male and female bathrooms which include showers and lockers. To lease a locker please contact the Samson office for details.


Last modified: 27 Aug, 2019