Community Impacts

The tenants are committed sustainable operators that consider the community and environment in their operation. The philosophy at ‘The Rise’ is:

The Rise Parnell, Sustainable Precinct

“We strive to inspire today’s customers whilst considering our future generations in our everyday operation.

We are proud to strive towards raising our standards everyday by sourcing more free range, organic, and seasonal food; by rejecting more plastic packaging and takeaway containers; by composting and growing a plant oasis for Parnell to enjoy.  You, as the customer, will have an exceptional experience with the knowledge that the upmost has been done to have a minimal impact on the environment. It’s the way it should be!

The operation of The Rise embodies the values of the building it is located in, the Geyser Building. This was New Zealand’s first 6 Star Green rated design and built building and it is designed to operate with a third of the carbon footprint of a standard commercial building in New Zealand.”

Last modified: 07 Mar, 2019