Gillies Ave

Gillies Ave Office Park User Guide

Hi, welcome to Gillies Ave Office Park

We are acutely aware of the need to manage our environmental impacts. We also know that efficient buildings lead to healthier people, improved productivity for your teams, and reduced operational costs.

To really generate positive change, we need you, our tenants onboard.

This Building User Guide sets the expectations on operations within Gillies Ave. It details the care that we have taken so far, and what we intend to work on moving forward. It also sets guidelines on how you, our tenants, are to operate within the built environment.

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Who do I contact to fix a building fault?

Please contact the maintenance team stating your address, tenancy number and a description of the issue that needs to be resolved. Where possible, please include photo evidence for reference. If urgent, please phone the Samson Corporation office to speak to one of our staff.

If an urgent issue occurs after hours please call Samson on (09) 522 2636 and there will be an option to speak to our afterhours service who will escalate issues that require urgent attention.

I want to refurbish my tenancy, what process am I meant to follow?

It is a tenant obligation to inform Samson Corporation of any proposed works to ensure due process is followed.  All tenants are required to submit plans of any proposed works to Samson Corporation for approval prior to commencement of any alterations. We will forward you a Letter of Authority permitting works once we have approved the submitted plans. If a Building Consent or Resource Consent is required, it is the responsibility of the tenant to apply for this and see the process out to completion.
Contact us at the start of your refurbishment journey. 

I am selling my business and need to assign the lease, what should I do?

Samson must approve of any proposed Assignment of Lease. An Assignment of Lease document will need be drafted by the existing tenant’s or the proposed assignee’s solicitor, this must then be submitted directly to Samson’s solicitors along with any relevant financial information for approval. For more information please contact us.

I wish to sub-lease my tenancy, is this permitted?

Samson Corporation must approve of any sublease arrangement, including those for car parks and storage units. Sublease Agreements will need to be submitted directly to Samson’s solicitors for approval, for more information please contact us.

In addition to rent, what is included in my outgoing charges from Samson?

Each month you will be charged your pro-rata share of the operating expenses (Opex) to maintain the building. The monthly Opex cost will vary depending on what work has been completed in the previous month, your invoice will always have a list of work completed and the date period of each charge that you are paying your share of. Please check your lease for what outgoings you are responsible for. If you wish to query any of these costs please contact us.
Each quarter you will be charged your pro-rata share of Auckland Council Rates for the property you lease.
Finally, you will be charged once annually your pro-rata share of the building insurance, this invoice is sent out each March.

Why is there ‘Actual’ and ‘Total’ amounts for the charges on my Opex invoice? What is the difference?

The ‘actual’ amount is the total cost for the building and the ‘total’ amount is your tenancy portion. This is usually calculated at the agreed operating expense percentage as per your Deed of Lease, unless the charge has been separately assessed.

I have been charged a ‘management fee’, what does that mean?

In accordance with your lease, you are liable for Management Fees for the property you are tenanting. Most property companies charge a monthly Management Fee in the region of 5-8% of the property rental per annum.  Our charges are well below that, between 1-3% depending on the type of property and management involved.
This charge covers administration of property accounts, arranging general maintenance and repair works, managing service contracts for properties, managing insurance contracts and claims, processing rates, valuations and building warrant of fitness.

How will I know if there is anything to pay?

At the end of each month following your Opex invoice, a Statement of Account will be sent out. If you are not receiving the invoices or statements please check your Junk mail as they might be recognised as Spam be certain internet servers at times. Otherwise please contact us to confirm the delivery address.

What payment types are accepted?

Only automatic payments (APs) or direct credit/internet banking is an acceptable form for payment. We will not accept direct debit/credit cards or cheques. If you would like to pay via cash/cheque, please make the deposit at your nearest Westpac Branch with our account details using the correct reference relevant to your tenancy.

Where can I view vacant Samson tenancies for lease?

You can view our available and upcoming tenancies on which is updated in real time.

If your question is not included or answered in the above please contact us