Waste Management

A significant portion of a building’s carbon footprint is created by tenant waste so waste management is a priority at Samson. The Environment Champion is responsible for educating colleagues and cleaners on waste processes, if the Champion has any questions regarding the content included below they should contact Samson.

Ironbank is striving towards being a zero landfill building and each tenancy should be separating their waste into seven different provided waste streams. The Environment Champion is responsible for educating colleagues and cleaners on waste education processes.


Waste is Split into Seven Different Streams

  1. Paper
  2. General recycling (glass, cans and plastic)
  3. Cardboard recycling
  4. General waste
  5. Compost for worms and/or commercial compost collection
  6. e-waste
  7. Soft plastics

Bin Liners

You can order clear liners for mixed recycling and sturdy red compostable liners for general waste from orders2greengorilla.co.nz Use the promo code Samson to recieve a tenant only discount. 

Compost – each tenancy has a small green bin for worm waste (restaurants have their own bins). Tenants need to line their bin with a compostable bag liner and when it is full they need to dispose of it in the collection bin beside the worm bins. Note: tenants do not put the compost in the worm bin themselves, this is left to the maintenance team.

Compostable bags can be ordered online from http://www.friendlypak.co.nz/Products/Bag-Pak/Bin-Liners

What to Feed our Worms 

What to feed our worms What to avoid


General food scraps (your leftover lunch!)

Tea bags

Coffee grinds



Egg shells and shredded egg cartons

Flowers from the office. 

Large/bulk quantities of
citrus, meat or dairy – small amounts are OK!

Plastic packaging

Fancy tea bags that have a synthetic bag

Coffee pods

Fat or oil













Last modified: 30 Nov, 2020