Air Conditioning

All air conditioning in Samson buildings are tenant controlled and maintained, follow the below guidelines to operate your units as efficiently as possible:

  • Keep set temperature between 18-21 degrees.
  • It is important that you involve one of the building HVAC technicians to approve your tenancy fitout, they may need to move sensors or will advise if your placement of full height partitioning within your space may impact airflow in the area.
  • Don’t block windows or place cabinets to obstruct air flow through your space.
  • Have your filters cleaned and units commissioned annually for maintenance and to optimise performance.
  • It is tenant requirement to send certification of maintenance annually to Samson for Building Warrant of Fitness requirements.

Fresh Air is Best

When not experiencing temperature extremes tenants should open their windows and operate with fresh air and no air conditioning, research show that fresh air helps workers think better and be healthier, overall this enhances business productivity. To encourage an air flow, where possible, make sure opposite sides of your tenancies have their windows open.

Night purge: At night the inner windows are recommended to be left open for night time flush ventilation during the summer months to refresh the tenancy spaces with fresh air and reduce peak daytime temperatures within.

Controlling Temperatures:

The sun is particularly intense in New Zealand and is responsible for temperature fluctuations, tenancies on the western side should use their blinds to mitigate solar gain heat spikes in the afternoon, and those with eastern facing windows should do the same in the morning.

Last modified: 25 Jun, 2019