Waste Management

A significant portion of a building’s carbon footprint is created by tenant waste so waste management is a priority at Samson. The Environment Champion is responsible for educating colleagues and cleaners on waste processes, if the Champion has any questions regarding the content included below they should contact Samson.

If you produce a lot of compost waste you should invest in getting an additional We Compost collection, and if you produce a lot of cardboard you should invest in getting additional cardboard collection. Any additional bins onsite must be kept within your tenancy or you must get prior permission from Samson to keep it in a common area. 

Bin Liners

You can order clear liners for mixed recycling and sturdy red compostable liners for general waste from https://shop.supertrash.nz/ Use the promo code Samson to recieve a tenant only discount. 

Last modified: 18 Jul, 2019